14 SEPTEMBER 1833, Page 2

Som Polish exiles 'ttfe eifitrged with conspiring against The life

of the Czar; whether truly or not, is extremely uncertain, for it is the policy of the 1%ussian tools to get up plots of this descrip- tion in order to afford a plea for their continued oppressions. A German paper, the Swabian Mercury, has published the following paragraph on this subject. " The first reports of the Russian authorities upon the late conspiracy have been confirmed by subsequent infotmation. They, however, have not been able to arrest more than fourteen or fifteen persons who were implicated in it, and these were Poles who had come from France. Upwards of twenty have con- trived to conceal themselves. As there is every reason to believe that a great number of these emigrants have re-entered Poland, and are hidden in Warsaw, the Police is extremely rigid. No persons can leave the city without presenting themselves to the Field-Marshal Paskewitsch."