14 SEPTEMBER 1833, Page 1

The following extract from a letter, dated August 10th, which

we find in the Times, contains all the news lately received from Constantinople,—if indeed that can properly be termed news, which is It mere recital of rumours and speculations. '6 Various circumstances continue to keep the public mind in a state of anxi- ous suspense, and to check the revival of commerce. The chief are the report .(which is at least very-doubtful), that in the convention lately concluded be- tween Russia and the Porte, the advereigiaty of Wallachia and Moldavia is ceded to Russia, in lieu of all the contribinions still to be paid ; the active negotiations between'the Foreign Ambasiadori and the Turkish Ministry; the report of serieus differences between the Ministry and the Divan on the one hand, and the Sultan on the other; Ate cruising- of several men-of-war in .the Black -Sea-; 'the movements of the French and English squadronsq and the incessant coming 'and On( of the officers. of those squab-Om, which hob ee they were 21:' „cannel . toes *Woo qi Wallachia and Moldavia,lt would beadvan- ,taptias to Yen, ikasseaailkey joint of *jaw, is the ti.i.buse-rlgela it receive is only about 136,000 florins, sad the interest of the debt to Russia amounts to 200,000 florins."