15 AUGUST 1958, Page 18

BBC's MIDDLE EAST ROUND-UP SIR,—Further to Pharos's paragraphs on the

BBC's Middle East round-up you may perhaps be interested to know that their commentator Mr. Nigel Bruce, in the overseas service last week, tried to convey the impression that the Greeks in Greece were in- different to the fate of Cyprus.

This Would confirm your impression that the BBC's emissaries are 'afflicted by establishmentitis when they travel.'

I can only suggest that the 'personal contacts' that gave him this impression were the Embassy In- formation Office or their 'hangers-ore!

It is very difficult to see what purpose can be served—certainly not Mr. Macmillan's—rby suggest- ing that the Greeks in Greece do not feel strongly over the events in Cyprus.—Yours faithfully, 19 Kolonaki Square, Athens K. B. THOMPSON