15 JULY 1876, Page 1


THE latest news is, on the whole, not unfavourable to the Ser- vians. On the east, it is stated that Osman Pasha has made a seventh and final attack upon Saitschar, but was repulsed by General Leschjanin and compelled to retreat to Widdin, while the Servian neneral Ostroicbs is laying waste the country right up to the fortress. As this story is confirmed by a correspondent of the Times, it is probably correct, and is important, as the repulse secures the safety of General Tchernaieffs rear. In the south, that General is believed to be bringing his troops into order at Alexinatz and organising Bulgarian volunteers in preparation for a great attack on Nisch, but nothing certain is known. In the south-west, General Zach has been recalled and made Minister of War, while the Minister, taking the command, keeps up the attack on the Turks at Novibazar with varying and imperfect success. The Montenegrins who were expected to support him are only at Gaschko, and are said to have sustained a defeat ; but they have occupied the road from Kick, and cut off the Turks from help in that direction. On the west, General Olimpics, after losing many men, remains outside Belina. The general drift of the news, therefore, is not favourable to any rapid success of the Servians, though the Turks have not gained the advantages reported in the middle of the week.