15 JULY 1876, Page 1

That these stories of atrocities,—to which was added on Thurs-

day a statement that the Turks are carrying about cart-loads of women's and girls' heads in the district of Bazardjik, in order to strike terror into the inhabitants,—are more or less true, is attested not only by the English, but by the foreign Press. The Allgemeine Zeitung, a strongly pro-Turkish journal, confirms them as explicitly as the Times, and indeed, Turkish journals in Con- stantinople make no secret of their belief in them. If Mr. Disraeli continues to treat them with this mal-b-propos levity, he will alienate his friends far more rapidly than he will be able to re- invigorate his foes. England will be all aflame, if we are to shield a Power which restores order by the wholesale use of massacre, outrages, and the sale of children into slavery.