15 JULY 1876, Page 13


[TO THS EDITOR OP THE " EPICTATOR.1 SIR,—The following is a translation of part of a letter which ap- peared in the 7'urquie of the 29th ult., dated Philippopoli, June 22. This journal, published in French in this city, is the semi- official organ of the Turkish Government, and is consequently not likely to exaggerate the faults or cruelties of those it serves

"The day before yesterday, that part of the city [Philippopoli] near the bridge presented a scene of extraordinary animation. From the preparations being made, I understood that we wore about to witness some more executions. In reality, about 10 o'clock in the morning the police led to the scaffold twelve individuals condemned to death. Two of these men were priests, the remainder peasants. One of the priests and a fellow-prisoner were hung on the bridge, the other, with his un- happy companions, were hung in four different places in the principal street. On the way from the prison to the gibbet one of the priests—a young man of 35—fainted, and one of those condemned to suffer with him was compelled to carry the priest on his back to the place of execution. Around the scaffold the crowd was considerable, but not one Single Bulgarian was to be seen. The corpses were left exposed until the evening."

To force an unhappy victim to carry probably his own parish priest to the scaffold is a refinement of cruelty worthy of the Turk. This act, indeed, to some extent, resembles a scene in the earthly career of One whom we, as Christians—equally with the Bulgarians—recall with sorrow. How long these atrocities are to continue, God alone knows. The unfortunate Bulgarians, this naturally peaceable and industrious people, have a hard fate in this world, a worse than Egyptian bondage to bear, but their almost intolerable sufferings have hitherto been solely laid at the door of their oppressors, the Turks ; now, however, it is liberty- loving England who shares the blame, and is securing the enmity of the 12,000,000 Christians of European Turkey.—I am, Sir, &c., A BRITISH RESIDENT IN CONSTANTINOPLE.