15 JULY 1876, Page 21

An Exposition of the First Twenty Chapters of Exodus, by

S. R. Bosanquet (Hatchards), seeks to show " how, in these twenty chapters, God disclosed to the children of Israel the whole doctrine of religion ; from the Fall to the Regeneration, from Adam to the Re- deemer." Pharaoh, for instance, stands for Satan ; and the rising of the new king who knew not Joseph is the bringing of man into bondage by his power. Sometimes the allegory breaks down most lamentably, in the case of the midwives, Shiphrah and Push, for instance, it does so. Mr. Bosanquet, with praiseworthy courage, does not omit the passage, but he makes nothing of it. What does the reader suppose answers to the male and what to the female children, in the oppression of Satan over the souls of men ? "Satan does all he can to root out good, firm, and straightforward principle ; but retains all that is sinful, self-indul- gent, hurtful, frail, weak, inconstant, in God's path and service, of which woman is the type." Is not that a somewhat hard saying, Mr. Bosanquet?