15 JULY 1876, Page 22

NEW Enrizows —In theology., we have Characteristics of Christian Morality,

The Bampton Lectures for 1873, by the Rev. J. Gregory Smith (James Parker). a worthy member of a series which has pro- duced some really valuable works, and not unfavourably distinguished by the terseness and compression with which it says much in a small space ; and also The Song of Christ's Flock in the Twenty-third Psalm, by John Stoughton, D.D. (Hodder and Stoughton).—The late Colonel George Greenwood's Rain and Rivers (Longmans) appears in a third edition, enlarged by materials collected during the nine years which elapsed between the appearance of the second edition, in 1866, and the author's death, in 1875.—Dr. Hermann Vogel's valuable work, The Chemistry of Light and Photography in their Application to Art, Science, and Industry (Henry S. King and Co.), appears in a "new and thoroughly revised edition."—In the "Pitt Press Series," we have a second edition of M. T. Ciceronis Oratiopro L. Murena, edited by G. W. E. Heitland (Cambridge University Press).—Rambles About Bath and its Neighbourhood claims to be a revised and re-edited edition of a book " based on the original work of Dr. Tanstall." It seems very complete, its descriptions of localities good, and its maps clear and useful.—A Few Words of Advice on Travelling and its Requirements, Addressed to Ladies, by " H. M. L. S." (Thomas Cook and Son), is brief and practical. The volume can be carried in a pocket, and is fall of really useful infor- mation.—Many readers will welcome a reissue of one of the most amusing books of this century, Sir Jonah Barrington's Personal Sketches and Recollections of his Own Times. (Cameron and Ferguson.) Sir Jonah was born a little after the middle of the last century, in Queen's County, and after a variety of social adventures rose to be "Judge of the High Court of Admiralty in Ireland." That a man who saw everything and knew everybody in Dublin during Ike latter part of the past and the earlier part of this century, and who never scrupled to describe the things he saw and the persons he knew, would construct an amusing book out of his recollections, is manifest. No book quite equal in some respects to this astonishing volume can be mentioned. —Royal Children, by Julia Luard (Groombridge), is a collection of scenes from the early life of certain English queens and princesses, Isabella of Valois, for instance, the second Queen of Richard II., and Princess Elizabeth, the daughter of Charles L The work has had the success of reaching a second edition, which has been revised and enlarged.