15 MARCH 1940, Page 16

Yet (and here is the main point of indelicacy) my

more constant day-dreams now centre around fantasies of power. I become Prime Minister: I have devoted much of my life to the study of physics and have specialised in radiology: I have invented a box which emits a cosmic ray which in its turn causes gun-powder to explode. Owing to red-tape upon the part of the Treasury, the Government in power do not employ my magnificent invention. I turn out the Government in power, a feat which (in view of the admir- able capacities of Captain Margesson) would only be possible in a day-dream. So foresighted have I been that, in spite of the snubs which I have received from back bench and front bench, I have been manufacturing millions of my cosmic ray transmitters on the sly. A week after my advent to power I was able to abolish the black-out and to recall the evacuees. Two weeks after my advent to power I occupy Hamburg, Yokohama, the port of Ostia and the fortress of Kronstadt. Six weeks after my advent to power victory is assured. When I get to that point my fantasies circle like amiable vultures around the lamb of peace.

* *