15 MAY 2004, Page 35

Tesco ilber Alles

From David A.J. Upton Sir: In her strong plug for Britain's most aggressive supermarket chain (`The Triumph of Tesco', 1 May), Deborah Ross has got it right in one respect: that Tesco is good at making money for itself and its shareholders. Unfortunately. her narrow and shortsighted consumer views ignore the fact that Tesco is rapidly becoming a monster monopoly and, before long, will be calling all the shots on price and consumer choice, as the firm terrorises the opposition, dragoons its suppliers and, in the process, destroys local communities and permanent (not temporary) jobs. The next stage in the Tesco evolution will be a shortage of favourite brands, restricted choice and an escalation of dreary ownbrand lines. Tesco cares about its shareholders, not its customers. The present low prices Ms Ross glibly gushes over are a transient thing.

David A.J. Upton

Lapworth, West Midlands