15 OCTOBER 1859, Page 2

We have mentioned the pastoral letter of Archbishop Callen to

his flock of the Dublin diocese ; it will be found almost to caricature the wildest presumption of old-fashioned Papal edicts. It goes upon the plan of eulogizing the one side the Papal Go- vernment down to Antonelli, and of execrating E:11 who question Roman averments. It describes "Lord Loftus, Sir James Hud- son, and other British agents," including Lord Malmesbury, as engaged in a conspiracy "to rob the Pope of his dominions." It describes the results of Liberal Government in Piedmont as being the exile of priests, and infidel teaching, with destitution and bankruptcy to the trading and industrial classes. "Life and property," it says, "are not respected in 2Emilia ; " the only name by Which Romagna is know in the Eternal City,—so little is that exalted place capable of understanding even the language of modern days. This insolent anachronism has been carried too far : the bare- faced tergiversation of the Irish Bishops, who not many years since gave their eager testimonial to the success of -the National system of education, has called forth a number of gentlemen and clergymen of the Established Church, in favour of that system ; the Protestants disclaiming any attempt to divert the system or funds into sectarian purposes on either side. The meeting of the Association to Promote Social Science, if it is regarded only as an assemblage of notables representing education and educated classes in the United Kingdom, is a guarantee that this whole- some counteraction in Ireland must succeed, and that the bar- barism of the Cullen policy must be defeated. Indeed, all sincere Catholics who desire to render their tenets possible in the next generation will join in the national endeavour to prevent Ire- land, her interests and intelligence, from being confounded with the benighted bigotry of Cullen, the agent of Antonelli.