15 SEPTEMBER 1961, Page 14


SIR,—I was greatly amused at Cyril Ray's (a hedon- ist, if there ever was one!) cri-de-mur 'What on earth is the matter with British-made luggage?' What on earth is the matter with Marks & Spencer suitcases? Too cheap? I bought one about three years ago at a fraction of the cost of 'Revelations' or 'Pakswells.' It has been grossly overpacked (and with books, tool), not at all 'looked after' (how does one do that?), and it withstood air travel to and from Rome, Prague and Austria, without any untoward effect. But then it does not look distinguished enough, possibly.

a J. PORIES 28a Ken mere Gardens, Wembley, Middlesex

[Cyril Ray writes : 'I quite agree, and it wasn't a matter of buying something because it looke44 "distinguished": I wanted a case that took suits on5 hangers, and Marks and Spencer don't have one. My wife's luggage is all from Marks and Spencer' and stood up to the American journey, where a brand-new Antler failed me. But then my wife is more sensible than I am in her shopping, as in all else.'—Editor, Spectator.]