15 SEPTEMBER 1961, Page 14


SIR,—Miss Lloyd-Baker would, it seems, have accompanied the Wise Men to Jerusalem but not to Bethlehem to seek the Son of God where he could not appear 'before the world' as a leader. Neither can she have read the account of th6 Temptations.

God knows we need men of 'learning, intelligence and personality' on the episcopal bench but not men who are making their way. Priests are such because this is God's way for them. Here lies the flaw in her argument. The appeal of Our Lord was not His position in the world but the manifest truth of His claim to be the Son of God in His dealings with men. His incentive and reward was to be doing the will of His Father.

This is the way of the Church. Miss Lloyd-Baker should be reminded that bishops are lords spiritual and not temporal and if they are such then wise men will find and follow them wherever they live, whatever they wear, and whatever their other dis- advantages.