15 SEPTEMBER 1961, Page 14


am perturbed by the diatribe against the English pub, quoted on September 1 by your 1C viewer, and angered by his equation of this institu- tion with : 'avoidable squalor, spiritual meanness, incompetence.' Have Mr. MacInnes and Mr. Levin only visited suburban pubs on Sunday nights? Mr. MacInnes'S,, description fits only the minority. There are lots of English pubs where bars are wiped, service is quick, food is good and where there is no television.

But the really important point is that an English pub is still the only place in the world where you can get a decent pint of draught beer. (Why do they drink 'gassy' pints at Mr. MacInnes's pub? Proper draught beer is flat.) This excellent beverage is hard, almost impossible, to make properly at home. AnY' fool can make his own bottled beer at about 2d. a pint, but draught beer on a small scale is elusive. The brewers guard their secrets. I am a private brewer, but I still go to the pub for a pint of flat draught beer. I'd willingly buy Mr. Maclnnes and Mr. Levin a pint too, and demonstrate to them the error of their ways.

But they'd have to come to one of my favourite pubs.