16 APRIL 1932, Page 1

News of the Week

IATE deal in a leading article with the second ballot for

the Presidency of the German Reich, in which we are glad to say that Marshal von Hindenburg was success- ful. The military organizations of the Nazis have been at once dissolved by decree. The result is also an encourage- ment to the Government of Dr. Bruning, but Hen Hitler's increased support in parts of Prussia makes us anxious about the approaching Prussian elections. Geneva is again the centre of *foreign politics. The General Com- mittee of the Disarmament Conference met again on °Tuesday when the Council of the League of Nations also held a special session to discuss the urgent report of the League's Financial Committee upon the proposals for action in what M. Tardieu calls the " Danubian " States. The Council decided that the Report should be examined at once by experts of the four Governments that joined . in the London Conference. That Conference was a failure and attended by the active harm that always follows these public failures to do good.

* * * *