16 APRIL 1932, Page 15

To return to South Lincolnshire--ti journey there to see the

daffodils .to-day or the tulips some ten days later is as wel worth while as a visit to Haarlem, for several centuries the headquarters of the industry. We grow in England fewer varieties than the Dutch, and grow them more for the flower harvest than the bulb harvest ; but we grow them quite as well as the Dutch, both in the open air and under glass ; and the industry spreads from the north to the west of the Wash. There is one new and very effective glass house for tulips on the slope of a piece of ground reclaimed from the Wash in Roman days. It would be a welcome effort if we could to-day repeat, and on a larger scale, the reclamation work begun by the Romans, carried on by the Dutch, and spasmodically followed by the lazy English, not without the aid of German prisoners of War. * * * *