16 APRIL 1932, Page 18


[To the Editor of the SsEcTs.roa.1

Sin,•-- -Your review, in Which it is stated that sport does not employ the mind, of Dr. McBride's book,. The Philosophy or Sport, is obviously written by an arm-chair critic.

I would recommend your reviewer to take the spoor of a troop of elephants, as I have done for three days on end. He will find his mind will be well exercised in deciding the hundred and one small signs that he must keep a look-out for if he hopes to be successful.

Both mind and body are well exercised in bunting big game, as those who have done it know. The exercise to my mind during twelve years'. hunting in Central Africa is at the present time helping me in a fight against heavy odds.—

I am, Sir, &c., G. W. PEsmosE. The Croft, Ash Green, Surrey.