16 APRIL 1932, Page 18


• [To the Editor of the Sem-v.:roll.]

SIR,- -In your reviewer's discussion of Nine Women occurs the remark : "Madame Sokolnikova puts the downfall of August 10th in 1793 instead of 1792." I write to acquit Madame Sokolnikova of such ignorance as that would presume. As translator of the work in question I must take responsi- bility for an error which crept in in the course of translation. It should have been quite obvious that the author was not respon- sible, for the entire sequence of events in the context, and in particular the phrase "the summer of 1792" which is to be found only a few lines before the erroneous date, should leave no doubt in the mind of the reader that the author had no such date as 1793 in mind. As your reviewer. refers to similar errors in the life of Mme. Du Barry I must add that the date 1789 on page 135 is also a misprint for 1769. I can only express my regret-that, despite ex-treme care in reading proofs and collating the translation with the original Russian and French texts, these two errors should have got through to the