16 APRIL 1932, Page 2


On Thursday, April 7th, the House of Commons passed the third reading of the Wheat Bill by 898 votes to 58. It reached the Upper House on Tuesday. On Friday the Commons returned to the Bill to continue the " transitional " benefits of the unemployed. The Opposi- tion speakers advocated in effect indiscriminate payment without pretence of any principle of insurance, which other people might call an offer of general pauperization. The loudly. decried "means test." is recognized by all who have administered any form of relief as necessary and as seldom abused by the administrator. Sir Henry Betterton wound up the debate and the second reading was given without a division. On Tuesday the Bill passed through Committee. On that day Mr. Thomas made. his brief statement upon Ireland. If the Govern- ment keeps to its firm and unprovocative line we believe that the trouble will pass before long. The House took the Army and Air Force Bill in Committee, read it a third time and sent it up to the Lords:

* * * *