16 APRIL 1932, Page 28


Dr. Ludwig Bauer, who appears to be a German, has many hard things to 'say about his own country, as about other countries, and many alarming things to say about the state of the world. He is, indeed, bent on alarming, and extremely anxious in particular to make it clear that his title has no Mark of interrogation at the end of it. It is an affirmation, not a question. Yet there are ways out—the institution of real security, intelligent economic planning on a continental scale, and so forth ; but since Dr. Bauer is quite sure they will not be adopted he is quite sure there will be war again -to-morrow. His hook, translated by Mr. Horsfall Carter (Faber, 7s. 6d.), whatever be thought of its conclusions, is challenging and provocative. It is very salutary, for example, for Anglo-Saxons to be told that the reason why they decline to commit themselves to the mime of peace is that they dislike new ideas and cling to mental habits (non-binding relations) incompatible with the interlocking processes of world-development, and that they still cherish the idea that it is possible to prevent war without making any sacrifice oneself. Mr. Horsfall Carter's translation is admirable.