16 APRIL 1932, Page 3

Cricket The season of first-class cricket is close upon us,

whatever the thermometer may say. We welcome the All-India team which is to play here through the summer. We hope that the matches will be played to achieve definite results in the set time, and that winners and losers will be us friendly after as before the results. Thus will cricket set the right example for the political work going on in India. The Advisory County Cricket Committee met at Lord's last week and tackled the question of finishing matches. They passed a resolution that, if no play is possible on the first two days of a match but is possible on the third, the match shall be played under the laws of one-day matches. This will prevent the irritating evasions by which declarations were sometimes made last year after the first overs of the nominal first innings, in order to score for the championship according to the laws of three-day matches of four innings.

* * * *