16 APRIL 1932, Page 3

The Foundling Hospital Site

" Nobody has got any money." Of course not ; it would hardly be respectable nowadays. But estab- lished religious and charitable works must go on, and new demands must be met. We have enormous sympathy with the Friends and others who are grappling with the salvage of human life in parts of China which last year were under a deluge bringing devastation on a scale at which the imagination boggles here. They want £100,000. At home £6,000 is wanted at once to continue the purchase of the Foundling Hospital site, and we gladly publish elsewhere a letter from Mrs. George Trevelyan explaining how it will be used—. for it must be found—this month. Captain Corm's own children are safe elsewhere, but no decent person doubts that his heart has been warmed by the sight of other children playing and gaining benefits here. To halt now when the last northern strips are available, including noble, friendly trees which must be saved from murder, would be a shameful falling off from successful endeavour. The compulsory " charity " that the local authorities can exercise through the rates is a source to which we look for some help, but their present pledges to economize in spending other people's money insist be respected. There will still be land for these authorities to buy to complete a new little London Park, and it is an opportunity that they must not let slip so soon as ever they can take it.

* * * *