16 APRIL 1932, Page 30

The Dublin Magazine (edited by Seumas O'Sullivan. 2s. 6d.) on

recent showing stands up to comparison with any

• of its contemporaries. The April issue contains a paper on .I; M.- Synge by Mr. L. A. G. Strong, and a study of James Joyce by Mr. Padmic Colum. Mr. W. B. Yeats contributes an ; introduction to his play, Fighting the Waves. Mr. Vincent O'Sullivan writes on Literature in France," and Mr. W. J. Lawrence on "Irish Players at Oxford and Edinburgh."

▪ and Frank O'Connor are among the poets represented in this number.

Pride of place in the current issue of The Criterion (edited by T. S. Eliot. 7s. 6d.), is given to an article on "The Cat- egories of T. E. Hulme " by Mr. Michael Roberts, in which the writer questions the 'validity of some of Hulme's main argu- ments. Mr. Conrad Aiken contributes an effective short story, : "Mr. Arcularis," and Mr. C. M. Bowra writes interestingly on Alexander Blok. A writer signing himself Gallox, makes, in rather formidable prose, some suggestions on the relation of " Property and Poetry " ; and Mr. A. J. Penty writes on Mr. J. M. Keynes. Reviews are, as usual, varied and informa- tive.

The April number of The London Mercury (edited by J. C. Squire. as. 6d.) is less attractive than usual. Apart from a successful short story, "The Silver Fox," by Helen Moran, there is nothing which calls for comment.

The last number of the Mercure de France (Directeur : Alfred Vallette. 5fr.) contains, among Much of interest, • Bienheureux lea Puissants," by D. H. Lawrence, the transla- tion of an extract from " Reflexions on the Death of a Porcu- pine."

Transition (edited by Eugene, Jolas, Ss.) has appeared again.