16 APRIL 1932, Page 30


Sir Stephen Tallents, who, though he is the permanent head of the Empire Marketing Board claims the right occasionally :to: be purely a human being, has written his very suggestive booklet The Projection of England (Faber and Faber, Is.), in the latter capacity to explain the art of equipping England to _disclose herself to the world. That, of course, raises the question of what England is ; and Sir Stephen Tallents 'tells us. It is Parliament, the British Navy, the English Bible, The Times, the Derby, Henley, Piccadilly, the Lord Mayor, the Metropolitan police and a great many other things. But it is an England which never learned the art of self- 'advertisement, an England much too modest about itself, an England which might well show the best of itself to the world for the benefit of the world. All that is thoroughly sound, and though Sir Stephen's main idea is to set other people .thinking (in which he will certainly succeed), he has a good Many suggestions to make himself about now England might project herself—through the einema, through exhibitions, through the radio, through personal contacts. The case the :Writer set out to make, that the thing can be done and :floght to be done, he drives home. with decisive success. It is now for other people, and it may be hoped Sir Stephen as yell, to set about. doing. it. Hut they must read The ',.filiection of England first.