16 AUGUST 1957, Page 14

EXAMINING JUSTICES SIR,—As already announced in the press, the Home

Secretary has appointed a Departmental Committee under my chairmanship `to consider whether pro- ceedings before examining justices should continue to take place in open court, and, if so, whether it is necessary or desirable that any restriction should be placed on the publication of reports of such pro- ceedings'; and he has asked the committee to com- plete its work with the minimum of delay.

The committee has invited certain bodies and per- sons to submit evidence to it, and it is also anxious to have the benefit of the views and experience of any others who may be in a position to help it. May I have the courtesy of your columns to bring this to general notice? Evidence, which should be in the form of a memorandum, should be sent to the Secretary to the Committee, Mr. B. C. Cubbon, Home Office, Whitehall, SWI, as soon as possible and not later than October 1 next.—Yours faithfully,