16 AUGUST 1957, Page 14

SIR,—As an active Liberal Party member Mr. George Watson must

be used to claiming that defeat is vic- tory, but even in politics some degree of consistency is desirable.

`Liberalism,' says Mr. Watson, writing to you as the editor of the latest edition of his party's creed, 'is by pretty common consent a conviction that in- dividual liberty is the first of all political criteria and the final political good.' Three cheers for free- dom. Rouse the tattered Liberal banners. By the right, quick march. Pick up your feet there and don't Dingle dally on the way. But wait. Two paragraphs later Mr. Watson declares that his creed calls for `a legislative programme to redistribute private property.' Only those with very muddy brains can really claim that the highest possible degree of individual liberty attainable in the modern world is really con- sistent with the forcible distribution by the State of a man's possessions.—Yours faithfully, House of Commons, SW1