16 AUGUST 1957, Page 17


SIR,—Your commentator from Westminster, Taper, refers to Mr. Philip Bell as sitting for 'some fearful hole in Lancashire.' His readers, who presumably look for information about what goes on in Par- liament rather than for light on his topographical antipathies, may have wondered to which of the sixty-four Lancashire constituencies he wished to be so gratuitously offensive. Had Taper in fact been in any doubt he could have been enlightened by any policeman on duty in the House or by Hansard next morning, which, in fact, he quotes. Mr. Bell is a London barrister, a silk in chambers in the Inner Temple. His constituency has nothing to do with his behaviour. If he were tempted to put any face on that it would not be that of his scat. He would reserve that, 1 hope, for the pseudonymous Taper if he ever showed his face.—Yours faithfully, Reform Club, Pall Mall, London