16 AUGUST 1957, Page 24


Geese aren't my favourite creatures. They are to 0 unpredictable and have a habit of becomir belligerent for no apparent reason at all. Last week was staying in a village where a large flock of gee: were one of the sights of the place, and one mornin, 6, takinf, a 'valk up to the post office, I encountered tt floc! ae road, their gate having been left tilt faste.ted They immediately put their necks in 01 horizontal position and hissed with the fervour of a old-time audience of melodrama, which was rathe


ungrateful of them, considering I had fed them wit bread on one occasion. I had no way of assertirl 0 myself, and as the leader of the mob now clamoure for the flesh of my more accessible parts, I wo prompted to retreat. At that stage, however, a motor cyclist, mad as a hatter, came roaring through. H didn't kill a single goose, but how he put them i their place! I casually recollected the purpose t my walk and passed through the routed gees' whistling softly to myself until quite clear of then Was it unkind mentally to shake a fist and mutt( that they had had a lesson good enough to last the( until Christmas? that depends so much on the acquisition of years man; '1 looked at the sky before morning service a the mountain from here to there, but it's long, c you can go over the mountain, which, if I wass yot