16 FEBRUARY 1850, Page 10

On Thursday, rumours were rife in Paris of disturbances in

the South, and of military demonstrations. Yesterday, the Patrie states circum- stantially that the rumours were "founded on some movements that had taken place at Narbonne during the carnival, but which had been promptly suppressed." According to the Republique, a letter by General Gemeau, commander of the great Southern military division, to the military chief of the department of the DrOme, formally prohibits "patriotic banquets, so called," as "being in general but pretexts for tumultuous demonstrations, hostile to Government.',

French accounts from Malta, of the 4th instant, confirm previous reports, that Admiral Parker had taken possession of Sapienza, one of the islands demanded, landed Marines and artillery, and carried a great number of Greek merchant-ships into its waters. Commander Parker had arrived at Malta with despatches for England.

A rumour was current on the Paris Bourse, yesterday afternoon, that there had been a fight on the Greek coast between an English ship and a French ship, (or a Russian ship, as another version had it,) to the advan- tage of the English. But the rumour obtained no credit.