16 FEBRUARY 1850, Page 10

The managers of the London Hospital for Diseases of the

Chest, one of a class of institutions peculiarly appropriate and beneficial in the climate of this island, propose to give a festival at the London Tavern early in March, to aid the fund for erecting their new hospital in the Victoria Park, on the site which Government has presented to them. The Lord Mayor is to pre- side, and to be supported by many persons of position as stewards.

The Court of Eachequer has been engaged since Thursday in trying the action of O'Connor, M. P., vereue Bradshaw in which Mr. Feargus O'Connor seeks damages from the proprietor of the Nottingham Journal for libellously charging him with corrupt practices in relation to the " land-scheme." A vast number of disappointed " allottees under the land-scheme" have been put in the witness-box ; and the case now proceeds, with the prospect of ]acting ,g till next week.