16 FEBRUARY 1850, Page 11

At the Olympic, there has been a very efficient performance

of The Merchant of Venice; with Mr. G. V. Brooke, Miss F. Vining, Mr. Comp- ton, and Mr. Conway, as the principal characters. The merits of the first three of these arc well known : of Mr. Conway, who played Bas- Banjo, we may say that he is coarse, but promising. The Jessica of Miss M. Oliver deserves to be particularized as something better than ordinary. The native tenderness of Jessica is fully set forth, without being overdone, and the character gains an additional charm from the youth and bea of the actress. Mr. Wigan, who plays Gratiano, may be seen to mu more advantage in other parts. The line of marked character is after all that in which he shines the most, and he never seems at his ease in these Shaksperian gentlemen. The muse on scene is beautiful ; but the vocal department is singularly defective at this theatre. The singers of the occasional music perpetrated some astounding chords.