16 FEBRUARY 1850, Page 21

COMMERCIAL GAZETTE. Tuesday, February 12. PARTNERSVITS DissoLvED.-White and Boscowitz, leather-sellers-King

and Co. White Hill, Durham, paper-makers-Hichens and Co. St. Menem, Jersey, timber- merchants-Norman and Eden, 'Uxbridge, wine-merchants-Moore and Farrell, Evesham, schoolmistresses-J. and J. Smith, Wadesmill, Hertfordshire, millers- Fisher and Co. Liverpool, wine-merchants-Waddell and Crichton, Redruth, drapers -Hawkins and Gillings, Pitfield Street, Heaton, linendrapers-Simpson and Short, Bishop Wearmouth, ship-builders-Brook and Co. Bradford, Yorkshire, linendra- pers-Brown and Kerr, Norwich, architects-Swindells and Co. Manchester, che- mists-Stott and Haden, Huddersfield, woollen-merchants-Joynson and Co. Man- chester, silk-manufacturers; as far as regards P. Joynson-Hunter and Moore, Bishop Wearmouth, brick-makers-T. and J. Ainsworth, Scarborough, printers- S. and S. J. Bayfleld, St. Thomas Street, Southwark, surgeons-Daven and Co. Change Alley, law-stationers-Rawlings and Son, Trowbridge, cabinet-makers-Ni- cholson and Mitchell, High Street, Aldgate, upholsterers-Jackson and Attay, Stamford, surgeons-Paddon and Co. Botusfieming, Cornwall, china-merchants. BANHRUPTS.-GEORGE WOODS, Portsca, saddler, to surrender Feb. 21, March 22: so- licitors, Low, Chancery Lane ; Ford, Portsea; officialassignee, Cannan, Birchin Lane- WILLiais Pow-NALL, Macclesfield, silk-manufacturer, Feb. 25, April 8: solicitors, Hudson and Co. Bucklersbury; official assignee, Graham, Coleman Street-JOHN Rurmi, Cheltenham, boot-maker, Feb.20, March 30: solicitors, Bromley and Aldridge, Gray's Inn ; Depree, Lawrence Lane ; official assignee, Pennell, Basinghall Street- 51,,ums Pavenmo, Henfleld, Sussex, brewer, Feb. 21, March 26: solicitors, Freeman and Bothamley, Coleman Street; Chalk, Brighton; official assignee, Whitmore, Rasinghall Street-EDWARD STEWARD, Boughton, Norfolk, corn-merchant, Feb. 21, March 25: solicitors, Pringle and Co. King's Road, Bedford Row ; Reed and Co. Dowuham Market ; Walpole, Northwold; official assignee, Graham, Coleman Street ROBERT Forma Caorv, Haymarket, tavern-keeper, Feb. 25, April 8: solicitor, 'Willis, Bucklersbury; official assignee, Graham, Coleman Street-Joan HENDER- SON MUSGRAVE, New Bond Street, embroiderer, Feb. 26, March 28: solicitors, Baylis and Drew, Redcross Street ; official assignee, Johnson, Basinghall Street-Wm-Lam Wow:maroon, Mincing Lane, broker, Feb. 26, March 26: solicitor, Leigh, George Street, Mansionhouse ; official assignee, Groom, Abchurch Lane-ROBERT SAVORY, Hereford, plumber, Feb. 23, March 25: solicitor, Gough, Hereford ; Bloxham, Birmingham; official assignee, Whitmore, Birmingham-BEI:Luna DREWRY, Hulme, joiner, Feb. 22, March 15: solicitors, Whitwortths, Manchester; official assignee, Hobson, Manchester-Room CuarrAm, Goole, innkeeper, March 1, April 4 : solici- tors, Garwood, York; Blackburn, Leeds ; official assignee, Young, Leeds-WIL- LIAM EDMUND SMITH, Plymouth, shipwright, Feb. 23, March 14 : solicitors, Kelly, Plymouth; Stogdon, Exeter ; official assignee, Hemaman, Exeter-JoHN Hawn:no- m:, Manchester, commission-agent, Feb. 22, March 15 : solicitors, Ashley, Newark; Sale and Co. Manchester ; official assignee, Hobson, Manchester. Drviniams.-March 5. Sneezum, Woobridge, grocer-March .8;-.Morrison, Ham- mersmith, merchant-March 5, Keating, St. Paul's Churchyard, druggist-March 4, Potts, Birmingham, metallic-tube-manufacturer-March 6, Soowden jun. Ingold- mells, Lincolnshire, farmer-Feb. 25, Price, Merthyr Tydvil, innkeeper-March 5, Stockdale, Liverpool, soap-manufacturer-March 5, Matthews and Martin, King's Cross, drapers. CEarreicArra.-2b be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of tneeting.-March 6, Coppin, Colchester, bootmaker-March 6, Elliot, Freeling Street, Caledonian Road, baker-March 6, Woods and Thomas, Cheapside, hardwaremen- March 6, Ilaylock, March, Cambridgeshire, cabinetmaker-March 6, Smallwood, Criggloston, -Yorkshire, schoolmaster-March 0, Hubert, Hungerford Market, lighterman. DECLARATIONS OF Drvirminis.-Nightingalw Busy; -brewer; first div. of Is. Id. any Tuesday; Hobson, Manchester-Green and Eley, Birmingham, jewellers ; first div. of le. Id. on the 14th inst. or any subsequent Thursday, on the separate estate of J. Green; Valpy, Birmingham.

&wren SzernErrittaroxs.-Wilson, Cumnock, ironmonger, Feb. 18, March 14-Scot, Glasgow, banker, Feb. 21, March 21-Brown, Glasgow, commission-agent, Feb. 14, March 18-Bell, Crosston, Forfarshire, farmer, Feb. 18, March 18-Christie, Glasgow, writer, Feb. 19, March 12.

Friday, February 15. PARTNERSHIPS Di-ssoLvED.-Cooper and Bell, Goole, ironfounders-Bear and Henderson, Ramsgate, hotelkeepers-E. and W. T. fillers, Leeds, paint-merchants -Pooley and Son, Manchester, cotton-spinners-M. and G. Davis, Bath, butchers- Devenish and Co. Weymouth, brewers ; as far as regards W. Devenish sen. and W. Devenish jun.-Crafts and Steil, Manchester, commission-agents; as far as regards S. M. Buckingham and J. Watson-Haigh and Co. Leeds, commission-merchants ; as far as regards Crafts and Stell-Bliss and Bullock, Addison Road, Kensington, schoolmistresses-Finch and Argent, Bury Street, Bloomsbury-J. and S. Round, Dudley, and Higgs, Tipton, miners-Harrisifid Co. booksellers-Hoile and Wonfor, Battersea, chemists-Brower-and. and. Clayton, P tt Shrigley, Cheshire, coal-merchants- Balm and Co. Nottingham, lace-manufacturers; as far as regards W. Hill-T. and W. Hill, Nottingham, lace-manufacturers-Bamberger and M-Master, Bishop Wear- mouth, schoolmasters-Smith and Kirby, Leicester, tailors-Watts and Co. Pleasant Row, Great Guildford Street-Higson and Littlewood, Heaton Norris, cotton-spin- ners-Tones and Lea, Liverpoo', coal-merchants-Beaven and Smith, Peckham, dra- pers-Thomas and Son, Rochester, grocers-Bipns and Co. Mirfield, cotton-card- makers-Gilkes and Co. Warrington, engineersz-Line. and Brown jun. High Ongar, farmers-Wild and Emery, Bosham, Sussexrick-m'akers-T. and M. Richardson, Oldham, linendrapers-W. W. and C. Hawkihs, Colchester, timber-merchants-Ball and Son, Holloway, cowkeepers-Jones ago Co. Liverpool, wine-merchants-Ban- croft and Son, Halifax, grocers-Tooth and Peerless, Brighton, timber-merchants- Hornsby and Mould, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, builders-Chalmers and Co. Glasgow, warehousemen, and the Mossend Iron and Coal Company ; as far as regards T. Chal- Mers.

BANKRUPTS.-JOHN WORSELDINE, Cambridge, upholsterer, to surrender Feb. 27, March 26 : solicitors, Smith and Johnson, Lincoln's Inn Fields ; official assignee, Stansfekl, Basinghall Street-Tao-nag and WILLIAM EDMUND SADLER, Brightlingsea, Essex, sail-makers, ,Feb. 22, April 5 : solicitors, Bull, Ely Place ; Abell, Colchester ; official assignee, Whitmore, Basiilghall Street-Janes STEPHENSON, Arbour Terrace, Commercial Road, draper, Feb. 26, March28: solicitors, Reed and Co. Friday Street ; Sale and Co. Manchester ; official assignee, Bell. Coleman Street -Buildings-JOIIN PRICE, Birmingham, cabinetmaker, Feb. 26, March 26 : solicitor, Chesshire, Bir- mingham ; official assioenee, Valpy, Birmingham-Hi:ea PARRY, Abergele, Denbigh- shire, druggist, March 1, 22: solicitor, Dodd, Liverpool ; official assignee, Bird, Liverpool-DAVID BLACKBURN and Co. Halifax, cotton-spinners, March 5, April 9 solicitors, Robson, Halifax ; Cariss and Cudworth, Leeds ; official assignee, Hope,: Leeds-FnEeznics Joni:sox, Lincoln, watchmaker, Feb. 27,_ March 27 : solicitor, Andrews, Lincoln ; official assignee, Carrick, HUH-ABRAHAX DESFORGEs WILLEY DESFORGES, Alford, Lincolnshire, brick-maker, March 6, Aprit3 : solicitors, Porting- ton, Alford ; Bunney and Wilson, Hull ; official assignee, Carrick, Hull-J-RtenAnn NOBLE and GEORGE MAY, Almondbury, Yorkshire, fancy-cloth-manufacturers,- March 5, April 8 : solicitors, Floyd, Huddersfield ; Bond and Barwick, Leeds ; official assignee, Hope, Leeds-THOMAS SILELTO:c HEIGHTUOLM, Scarborough, painter, March 5, 26 : solicitors. Robinson and Greene, Leeds ; offioild assignee, Trope, Leeds. DIVIDOIDS.-March 8, Johnson, Great Winchester Strait, merehent=-March 8, Johnson and Co. Great Winchester Street, merchants-March 8, M'Kenzie and Haig, Darby Street, Rosemary Lane, .merchants-March 8, Mills, Mark Lane, wine-mer- chant-March 8, Brooks, Vine Yard, Lant Street,carman-March 8, Marsh, Great Scotland Yard, navy-agent-March 7, Imlay, Old Fish Street Hill, Upper Thames Street, stationer-Marob 11, Gibbs, Oxford, grocer-March 7, .Geering Arundel, gro- cer-March 12, King,-Eltham, surgeon-March 22, Moseley and Murphy, Derby, car- vers-March 22, Clark, Leicester, cabinetmaker-Ilarch 22, Smith, Ilathern, Leices- tershire, tanner-March 14, Perkins, Devonport, cabinetmaker-March 14, Baron, Plymouth, money-scrivener-March 14, Bolt, Plymouth, wine-merchant-March 14, Crook, Plymouth, merchant-March 14, Conic, Plymouth, wine-merchant-liarch 14, Rowe, Plymouth, grocer-March Plym mith, builder-March 1.5, Jones, Mold, Iiintshire, maltster-March 14, Richard and ,Aikin, Liverpool, merchants -March 13, Hannah, Liverpool, upothecary,-3farch 13, Trotnsan, Liverpool, mer- chant-March 14, Roberts, 1iwliheiis C:u-narvonshire, draper-March18, T., C. K., and W,- Wilson, Liverpool, linendrapers-March 8, Armitage. Almondbury, keepebMarch 8, Greenwood, Bradford, Yorkshire, worsted-spinner-March 9, Bickley;;Sheilield, innkeeper-March 8,. M'Hardy, Almondbury, innkeeper-March 14, MiM-64`.liarlington,. timber-merchant-March 14, Wilson, Houghton-le-Spring- Durliain7ilielinter-Ifarch 7, Forrester, Whitehaven, mercer-March 7, Smith, Tyne, mouth, binitel-',÷ March 7, Reed, North Shield's, banker-March 13, Davison, Alnwick, carpenter-Atli 11; G. and J. Barton, Manchester, copper-roller-makers-March 11, Watson, Leerts,liommission-agent-March 8, SVGiverm and Johnson, Manchester, smallware:Miugiiiieturers. CERTMCA granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the they of meeting.,-Mase cods, Mount Place, Walworth Road, ironmonger-March 14,

Good, BisliciPsgateWithout, stationer-March 9, Board, Parliament Street, metathc-plate-manalt er-751tMch 9, Sage; Great Portland Street, chemist-March

15, Jerdan, Milton, Gravesend, newspaper-proprietor-March 13, Davison, Alnwick, carpenter-March 9; Robel-ton, -Rotherham; steel-manufacturer-March 8, Ash- worth. Liverpool, merchant-March 22, Stafford, Nottingham, innkeeper-March 22, J. and J. Cowlishaw, Derby, railway-carriage-builders-March 11, Bowyer, Macclesfield, grocer--March 13, Rossiterjun. Torquay, builder. DEcLanivrimrs OF Drvmr.xns.-Wood, Liverpool, chemist; first div. of Sid. any Thursday; Turner, Liverpool-Hall, Rotherhithe, shipwright ; first die, of 114d. Feb. 16, and three subsequent Saturdays; Groom, Abchurch Lane-Hipwood, Cornhill, merchant ; first and final div. of ls. 4d. (on new proofs,) Feb. 16, and three subse- quent Saturdays ; Groom, Abchurch Lane-Carter, Liverpool, merchant; first div. of 44d. Feb. 18, or any subsequent Monday; Bird, Liverpool-Hewitt, Liverpool, merchant ; first div. of id. Feb. 18, or any subsequent Monday; Bird, Liverpool. Scores SEQUESTRATIONS.-Henderson, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Feb. 20, March 13 -Sorley, Glasgow, stock-broker, Feb. 18, March 11.