16 FEBRUARY 1850, Page 6

Or Curt.

Tax Royal Family returned from Windsor to Buckingham Palace on Tuesday afternoon ; taking the Great Western Railway at Windsor itself, by the new branch to Slough.

The Queen gave an audience to the Duke of Wellington, at Bucking- ham Palace, on Wednesday.

Her Majesty took the Prince of Wales and the Princesses Alice and Helena to visit the Dutchess of Gloucester, at Gloucester House, on Thurs- day morning ; and in the evening she went with Prince Albert to the Haymarket Theatre.

_ Prince Albert presided at meetings of the Exposition Commission, at Buckingham Palace, on Wednesday ; at Westminster Palace on Thursday ; at the Council of the Dutchy of Cornwall yesterday. Last night he was present at the performance of Mendelssohn's oratorio of Saint Paul, by the Sacred Harmonic Society, in Exeter Hall.

The Duke of Cambridge attended at the British Museum on Saturday morning, and in the afternoon visited the Dutchess of Gloucester.