16 FEBRUARY 1850, Page 6

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The Manchester correspondent of the Times reports that the decision of the Court of Exchequer in the Factory case has thrown the operatives of that district into a state of the greatest excitement- " Meetings are being nightly held in the various public-houses in which they are accustomed to assemble, at which the most firm and determined resolutions to maintain the principle of ten hours' work, and that it be con- tinuous, are passed. Manchester, Bolton, Blackburn, Preston, Ashton, Old- ham, Bury—in fact, every town in Lancashire, is on the move. On Sunday last, a very numerous meeting of overlookers and managers was held at the White Horse Tavern, Bolton ; at which the following, amongst other reso- lutions, were unanimously adopted- " That, in the opinion of this meeting, it is of the utmost advantage to both masters and men that an uniform working of ten hours per day be enforced by act of Parlia- ment, and that we pledge ourselves never to rest satisfied until it be made universal.

" Last night [luesday] the Lancashire Central Committee held its third meeting since the decision ; at which it was agreed to call a delegate meeting from every town in the kingdom. On the same night, the Committee of the Manchester overlookers held a meeting, and have issued a circular calling a general meeting of the whole body. The following is an extract.

" Gentlemen—We are now in the midst of a most solemn and important crisis. We have no longer a Ten-Hours Act. The Judges of the Court of Exchequer have decided that the horrible relay and shift system is legal ; and although we have all been grievously disappointed, yet it would be perfectly useless to murmur or com- plain at this unfortunate decision. Prepare yourselves, then, for another conflict ! Sound an alarm through every mill in Manchester and Salford.'

" The centers, the power-loom overlookers and managers, and several other bodies, are holding similar meetings ; and the forthcoming delegate meeting will be the most numerous and important ever held."

The Town-Council of Preston have voted 8,0001. for the erection of public baths and a ashhouses. The building will be on the model of the washhouse in Goulston Square, and will contain a hundred baths and a hundred wash, ing compartments.

Another savings-bank defalcation ! In consequence of recent events, the managers of the Dartford Bank resolved to examine all the deposit-books the investigation began; a discrepancy was detected; and the actuary, Mr, Jardine, admitted that he had misappropriated 1,000/. A few days were given him to look over the accounts and tell the exact truth; and then he admitted that he was a defaulter to the extent of 2,000/. Mr. Jardine, who is a draper, has assigned his property to the trustees, and this will produce 7001. or 8001. ; and his sureties to the amount of 1,000/. will go towards meeting his deficiency.