16 FEBRUARY 1991, Page 23

Regimental colour

Sir: When one of the few pleasures of active service in the desert is receiving The Spectator, you will appreciate that such pleasures are considerably enhanced by reading misguided reviews such as Sidney Vines's of Loopy (Books, 19 January). Not only has Mr Vines chosen to vilify a man whose satire is consistently directed at himself anyway; he has also confused that subtle blend of humour, individuality and downright style which characterises this regiment (and, indeed, so many others). Did Mr Vines turn down the breakfast offered him in that German forest? His review says rather more about his own attitudes than it does about this popular, respected and distinguished officer.

As for today's descendants of the 4th Hussars, rest assured that we shall do our duty with both professionalism and style. Georgian silver and Italian waiters we may not have, but my crew will testify to the quality of Fortnum and Mason's hampers, which have supplemented the compo ra- tions which we all, officers and men, eat daily.

Robin Murray Brown

Regimental Headquarters, The Queen's Royal Irish Hussars, Operation Granby, BFPO 644