16 FEBRUARY 1991, Page 24

Where freedom reigns

Sir: I agree with all of what Charles Moore had to say in his Glaspie Syndrome article (Another voice, 26 January), except for his assertion that the Americans are 'freer than we are'.

Just off the top of my head: Britons are free to travel where they desire. Amer- icans, for the longest time, had their passports taken from them if they went to Cuba. British passports are good for all countries. Check an American passport for all the restrictions it lists.

At the time of the Moscow Olympics, when Russia invaded Afghanistan, Presi- dent Reagan forbade the American athletes from participating. Mrs Thatcher disapproved of the athletes going but they voted on the matter themselves and were free to go.

Many of the jokes you publish, one of the delights of The Spectator, would be edited out here in North America.

America is a bloody marvellous country, and in many ways freer than anywhere else. But then so are you, in many ways. If you want to get rich and lead the good life then you should consider no other place but the good old USA. It's a matter of where you place your values.

Robert Glover 222-11791 King Road,

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada