16 FEBRUARY 1991, Page 44

Solution to 993: Review board aL 0 E A a

don anartaruarolia nanonmE alCIEL onimpack A P sn K I. AiaDo,


A In chin tin den 0 ill lanari rpm El 'LIMPER


NAN 13 G C H nail 0 Nana

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A T allilla

II illatEln pa A W K U ri E ri 0 ad A N nal. MI

iinemank N1R A rp u MG firmirtarill ssuR MI ay

E galtWirliitn ril . ri E max E UN TM Nflfl

The unclued lights and those clued without overall definition are he names of regular contributors to The Spectator.

Winners: Roger Baresel, London SW7 (£20); Mrs P. Davies, Kenil- worth; P.A. Burns, Knutsford, Cheshire.