16 JANUARY 1948, Page 16


Sm,—Mr. E. H. Keeling, M.P., is quite right to point out that thirty- three other constituencies will have electorates larger than Bradford's average. But these comprise for the most part odd constituencies scattered here and there. The proposal for Bradford entails forming a block of three contiguous divisions, each with a swollen electorate, and compares most unfaVourably with the existing arrangement. The Com-

mission regarded and between 50,000 and 70,000 as " normal."

Below 50,000 and above 70,000 were classed as " exceptional . subject to special consideration." Bradford, with four members, had a "normal" constituency average, although the divisions needed evening out. By cutting out one M.P. the Commission has raised Bradford from a " normal " area to an " exceptional " one. It is hard to escape the con- clusion that the Commission, constrained to save on the number of M.P.s somewhere, chose Bradford as a handy victim.—Yours faithfully, RAYNOR D. CHAPMAN

6 Hall Ings, Bradford. (The Yorkshire Observer).