16 JANUARY 1948, Page 16


SIR,—Mr. Garrett writes, with a smell under his nose, of "motor-bicycle grass track racing," " gladiatorial exhibitions," " thrills to the last minute," and " it is reasonably certain that spivs and drones abound." When the spring comes, I should like to take him to a speedway. The atmosphere is quite different from his picture. Spivs and drones do not abound ; they keep clear, because there is no betting. Ours was the only sport which was allowed to continue throughout the week without curtail- ment last year, simply because it was recognised to be catering for the family party, and because it was conceded to be of some value in getting young people out into the fresh air without the lure of betting. This may be a somewhat negative virtue in the eyes of your contributor. He will probably condemn even more strongly that other merit which is claimed: that it helps to make our people mechanically minded, and so to shorten the gap between us and the peoples of Europe, where motor racing is

the national sport—Yours faithfully, L. Witts. Leadenhall House, rat Leadenhall Street, E.C.3.