16 MAY 1840, Page 10


Arrived—At Gravesend, May 9th, Falcon, Anstruther, from Mauritius 1015, Aledora, Sergeant ; mud Amelia Mulholland, M*Enclieren, from the Cape; Ilth, Maidstone, W noble, from Bengal; 12th, Frederick IV., Toby, from the Cape-; 1:81, Alex. Baring, Hall, from China ; Tar, LangiVV, from Mauritius; and Catherme, Grubb, year the CD ; 19th, Carnatie, V, ss, trail 'Madras; and Vixen, Pa11110, from the t'are. Olf Portsmouth, 9111, Ida, Currie, from Bengal. In the Channel, Rewire, Boyle, trout Batavia ; Wanderer, —, from Bengal; Friends, Arnold; nod "as' guard, Walker, from Singapore ; and Agnes, Lamont, teem the Cape. At Liverpool, I lilt, Malcolm, Sims, 06nt Singapore ; 13th, W. Jardine, Crosby, from Beagal; and 19th, Cordclia. Creighton, from China; and Inorenge„ Banks, from Bengal. Atm. Helena, March 14th, Princess Victoria, Illachmore, trim Bengal; ljth, :Madagascar, Gimblett ; mid Pilot, —, from ditto. At the Cape. March 12th, Pestundue Boman- jet., Dill, from Loudon. At the Mauritius, Feb. 2d, J aren't', Grundy; and 501, Mary bowie. Boyd, from London. At Van 1)iemen's Laud previous to llth Charlotte, Forrester. from Leith; Bement, 1110111e; Gratitude, Robinson; Auriga, Chalmers ; Bloke, Eshelly; and Indian. Carr, from London. At New South Wales, Ladyto 8th January, Mango. Orr, Ire ru Leith ; Trident, Todd; Samuel Smith; 1-m1Y Leitch, —; Fanny, Andrew; Minerva, Motto ; Inyade, Heald; Thomas King, Bounce; and Dope, Cockburn, from London. Sailed—From Madras, May 11th, Essex, 5I'Levitl, for Madras. From Liverpool, 10th, Indian, Frost; and Kingston, M'Lealt, for Bombay; and 13th, Thomas Lee, Wolf, for Bengal.