16 MAY 1840, Page 10

Rumours of disasters to the French army in Africa have

been circu- lated in Paris. The Maniteur Parisien says they are "totally false," but admits that Abd-el- Kotler has attacked the army with a consider- able force-

" Letters from Algiers of the 4th instant completely elucidate all that has passed. Atal-el, Kader, leaving united all his tribes, has come down upon the plain of Metidja, and inundated it with cavalry. The army has had to con- tend 29t1i, Etha

tend with them on its right, on its left, and in its rear, on the 28t

30th ultimo. It repulsed them at all points, and caused them greater hi- than on any former occasion ; while it never itself suffered so little as in these!: combats, which are said to have been extremely brilliant. The troops are el perfect Leith, and full of ardour. They have been obliged to halt to obta.

some repose, to scud away their wounded, and obtain provisions." t