16 MAY 1840, Page 6

Zig court.

Tnic grand ball at Buckingham Palace on Monday, and the drawing- room at St. James's Palace on Thursday, have made a busy and gay week at Court. The ball was very numerously attended by persons of all parties and ages ; including Earl Grey, the Duke of Wellington, Sir Robert Peel, Viscount Melbourne, Lord Durham, Lord Palmerston, Lord Howick, the Dutchesses of Inverness, Somerset, Beaufort, the Mar- chionesses of Londonderry and Douro, Baroness De Rothschild, Mr. Ellice, Miss Denman, and a large list of Pagets, Stanleys, and Pon- sonbys, of both sexes. The Queen danced one quadrille, and then retired to the Picture-gallery, with her mother, aunts, and uncles. Prince Albert danced a good deal: The company at the drawing-room was also numerous. The Morn- ing Post gives the usual array of splendid dresses, occupying eight of its columns. Among the ladies presented to the Queen we notice the fol- lowing—the Dutchess of Gordon, Lady Stanley of Alderley, Lady Dufferin, Mrs. Labouchere, Mrs. Grote, Miss Milbank, Miss C. Petre, Miss Leader, and Mrs. Norton. A letter from Darmstadt announces that the Prince de Leiningen is about to pay a visit to the Court of St. James's ; and towards the end of the summer will accompany his mother, the Dutchess of Rent, over to Amorbach.