16 MAY 1840, Page 9

be Vrobincts.

A meeting of Conservatives was held at the Amphitheatre in Liver- pool on Wednesday, and a petition in favour of Lord Stanley's Registra- tion Bill for Ireland adopted almost unanimously. Upwards of two thousand signatures were speedily attached to the petition.

Three hundred Liberal electors of Cambridge have signed a requisi- tion to Mr. Gibson again to become their candidate.

The Morning Post says that Mr. Botfield, (or, as we rather think the name should be printed, l3otevyle,) a gentleman of large property in the neighbourhood of Ludlow, is to be the Conservative candidate fbr that borough; and Mr. Larpent, a merchant in London, will stand on the Liberal interest. We have also heard that Mr. Roebuck will be pro- posed by the Liberals.