16 MAY 1840, Page 9

Ex-Sheriff Parkins died in New York, on time 13th of

April. A letter from Matanzns, (Cuba,) received in New York, meotions that the United States schooner of war, Flirt. had taken on board a fresh supply of bloodhounds to hunt down the Florida Indians ; but a New laper says that the bloodhounds have been tried, and are of uo use-

" An Indian warrior was captured is few days ago by the troops near Su- wanne, (Jul Town Hammock, with all Lis c:arip utensils, awl the first and only

csperinient was tried with these tertild,. hloodhounds. Thus: the dog was kept close to the Indian, to get well acquaints it with the scent ; then the Indian was taken sonic dislanre, and the moiteter let loose. 11c would 110 more trail, track, hunt or follow, than a red heifer, and nothing could induce him. The plan is a decisive fit The Great Western brought us over a fresh supply of the " swell mob." They stopped at the Astor Bons° and Blancard's, stole a quan- tity of sovereigns at each, and then disappeared. This summer they will be as plenty as blackberries. Each steamer will bring a fresh lot. —New Yorh Paper.