16 MAY 1840, Page 8

In the Cents-al Criminal Court, on Wednesday, Samuel Bailey, a

sea- man, was found guilty of cutting and wounding Williain Coombes, another seaman, on. board the Sprightly schooner, bound from St. Michael's to Falmouth, with intent to murder him. The visoner said he was drunk at the time, and did. not know what he was doing. The prosecutor said the prisoner was quite sober ; and from other evidence it appeared that he attempted to kill the Captain, in the hope of secur- ing the vessel and making his own escape,—for he was detained on board of the Sprightly its a deserter from the Queen's service. Baron Alderson sentenced him to death, without hope of mercy.

Mr. Feargus O'Connor, convicted of sedition at the Assizes, received on Monday the sentence of the Court of Queen's Bench,—eighteen months' imprisonment in York Castle, and to be bound over in 3001. and two sureties in 150/. each for two years. Mr. O'Connor begged that the place of confinement might be the Queen's Bench, on account of the crowded state of York Castle. The Court promised to make inquiries and to consider the application. On Thursday, Lord Demnaa said lie had ascertained that York Castle is a suitable place of confine- ment for Mr. O'Connor.

Mr. Slingsby Buncombe, brother of Lord Feversham, was charged at tine Mary leboue Office on Saturday, with assaulting Mr. John Gray, a surgeons of tipper George Street. It appeared that Mr. Buncombe fancied himself insulted by the manner in which Mr. Gray asked for Isis vote at an election of parish officers for Mary lebone, and showed lus displeasure by kicking Mr. Gray on his " scat of honour." A battle ensued ; and the two gentlemen fought in Edward Street for about ten minutes, till they were separated. The Magistrate being of opinion that Mr. Gray had acted improperly in the first instance, discharged Mr. Buncombe on payment of costs.

The Honourable William Lionel Felix Tollemache, and a Policeman earned m ogers, appeared before the Marlborough Street Magistrates on day Mr. Tollemach.e charged the Policeman with assaulting

nfon • . •

h. _Shaking him violently between one and two on Friday morning ; but it turned out that the complainant had pushed his lighted cigar very close indeed against the Policeman s face, as he was walking along Ox- ford Street; and he declined to state on oath some circumstances which hailed mentioned on his honour. It appeared also, that Mr. Tollemache had been once fined forty shillin.gs for a breach of the peace. The Ma- gistrate disndssed the complaint