16 MAY 1840, Page 9

The Dublin Erening Post, the semi-official paper of the Irish

Govern- ment, has published a letter from its private correspondent in London, announcing that the Ministerial measures respecting Registration and the Right of Voting are brought forward at the present time .merely for the propose of embarrassing Lunt Stanley. The Dublin Pilot, heretofore passing as Mr. O'Connell's peculiar organ, and the editor of which suf- fered imprisonment on Mr. O'Connell's account, has these remarks on Ministerial hollowness- " To be sure, we needed not the announcement of the Evening Post to have discovered that a love of place, and not a love of Ireland, or any care or anxiety for the furtherance of her interests, has been on this, as on most other recent occasions, the spring and motive of Ministerial activity. "The principle was plain enough—alas, it was but too plain ; but the diffi- culty was, to have proved it. Well, what says the /private and confidential London agent of the Post? This—plainly and fully enough—that measures for remodelling the franchise of England, Scotland, and Ireland, are now simul- taneously brought forward by the Minister, ,for the purpose and with the intent, not of benefiting the country, but .for the sake of embarrassing the debate upon Lord Stanley's Bill; the result of which debate is to decide the fate of the pre- sent Government. Oh, most wise, most prudent, most careful, but most trne confession ! The indiscretion of the Post hiss now but too plainly let slip the motive of the Government in the present instance; and therefore it has strengthened and given authority to those generally received opinions which now, alas, so universally prevail, that the Administration of which Lord Mel- bourne is the bead seeks its its first, its chiefest, almost its only object—place; that to that object it will sacrifice the consistency of its principles, the prospe- rity of its supporters, and the advocacy of those measures without which this country cannot advance. 'Why, olr why will the Post thus force upon the public mind at such a moment a truth so plain, but yet so dangerous?"