16 MAY 1840, Page 9

The Out,',' - .11iT states, that an aggressien has been committed by

the English in Senegal. The Senegambie, a French schooner, the owners of which had undertaken to engage on the coast. of Africa one hundred Blacks as recruits for a company of pioneers formed by the French Government in Guiana' had east anchor in the Casamanza river, opposite an English factory ; when it was captured by the English brig of war, Saracen, and sent into Sierra Leone. The Governor of Senegal is said to have chartered a trading schooner fbr Sierra Leone to claim the Senegambie, being unable, according to the Outre-alter, to spare a French vessel of war,—the embarrassments caused by the English in this river rendering it necessary that the whole of the naval force should remain on the station.

According to the last accounts, the French blockade of Buenos Ayres was still rigidly, enforced—indeed with more severity than before; but the French Admiral Dupouten who had recently arrived at Montevideo with increased threes, had not as yet made any movement.