16 MAY 1840, Page 9

The Protestant Association held their annual meeting on Wednesday, in

Deter Hall. Speeches of the usual character were delivered ; and nothing remarkable occurred except the Sudden death of an old gen- tleman, the Reverend Dr. Fancourt, Vicar of St. Mary's, Leicester. Dr. Fancourt was observed to lean his head on the railing of the platform ; and though he had appeared quite well a few minutes before, it was found that he had expired. A Coroner's inquest was held ; and a surgeon gave on opinion that he died of an affection of the heart. His age was seventy-five.

An alarming fire broke out on Thursday morning, in the premises of Mr. Clarke, cheesemonger, in Marylehone Street, at the back of the Quadrant. Several persons lived in the upper part of the House ; and it was found impossible to rescue two of them from the flames. The persons who lost their lives were Mr. Marr, a clerk in the United Kingdom Insurance.office, and Mr. Cowley, clerk to Mr. Stultz. Others bad very narrow escapes, and were much burnt, and bruised by leap- ing from the windows into the streets, and crawling along the roof and gutters.