16 MAY 1840, Page 9

The Salopian Journal contains an account of the elopement of

a young lady from Worcester, whose fortune is 2,0001. a year, with a person in the neighbourhood of Shrewsbury. They were married by banns in one of the Shrewsbury churches, and afterwards went into \Vides. The lady's brother arrived five minutes after their departure, and did not think it worth while to pursue the fugitives.

The same paper mentions a very serious accident to the Honourable Thomas Kenyon. That gentleman has for many years been a distin- guished " whip." lie drove a carriage in the form of a stage-coach, four-in-hand, On Wednesday weelc, he was driving a party from his residence near Oswestry to Chester races; and in going through the Tillage of Whittington, his horses took fright, first at a bonfire, then St an explosion of gunpowder in a blacksmith's shop; for the inhabi- tants had met to testify their respect in this fashion to Mrs. Mytton, widow of the late John Myttou of Holston, and her daughter, who were in the carriage. The animals became unmanageable, and upset the carriage against a large stone in front of an inn. Mr. Kenyon was thrown upon his head, and lay motionless for sonic time. Ile narrowly escaped being trampled to death : a gentleman who was on the box with him pulled hint from under the horse's feet. He gradually recovered a little, and on Saturday was removed to his own house. Mr. Kenyon is Chairman of the Shropshire Sessions ; a very clever and very popular man, whose lobs would be seriously felt in the county.

Josiah Lilly, a youth of seventeen, has been committed for trial at Birmingham, on a charge of murdering Hannah Wright, a girl who had lived with him as his wife. Her body was found in the canal, and he is supposed to have pushed her into the water.