16 MAY 1891, Page 2

Ths Gladstonians achieved a great triumph in the liar- borough

Division of Leicestershire, where we held from the first news of the vacancy that they would be likely to succeed better than in any other of the contests of the "miniature General Election." The result was :—For Mr. Logan (Glad- stonian), 5,982 ; for Mr. Hardy (Conservative), 5,495 ; majority for the Gladstonians, 487. This is a great change since 1886, and shows that even as compared with 1885 the Gladstonians are now more numerous than the undivided Liberals were at that time, while the •Unionists have fallen below their score in 1886, though they have exceeded the Conservative vote of 1885. The three elections compare as follows :-


Liberals. Conservatives. To'al Liberal Poll. Majority.

1885 ... 5,502 ...

5,330 ... 10,838 ... 166

Gladstonians. Unionists. Unionist Majority.

1886 ... 4,570 ... 5,708 ... 10,278 ... 1,138

Gladstotliau do.

1891 5,982

5,405 ... 11,477 ... 487

Mr. Logan, the Gladstonian candidate, may well pride himself on his tactics. He has been in the field for nearly three years ; has taken round a van, in which Gladstonian meet. lugs have been held under cover; and he has instructed his rural voters in the art of using the ballot by providing them with the means of playing at polling in the various villages of the Harborough Division. He has reaped his reward, and will possibly gather in a rich aftermath at the General Election. But Harborough furnishes very little ground for Unionist discouragement as regards the General Election.